Rehab Center: Avenues Recovery Admissions Center

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Name: Avenues Recovery Admissions Center

Address: 4500 N Lincoln Blvd Suite 105, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

City: Oklahoma City

State: Oklahoma

Zip: 73105


Avenues Recovery is a facility that helps users recover from addiction. Whether it be alcohol or drug abuse, we are here to help. Our Oklahoma admissions center offers the ability for local addiction and substance abuse clinical assessments by a local clinician. The assessment center will work with you to determine which of our 8 drug and alcohol rehab centers nationwide are most appropriate for you. various types of treatment methods, including individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, psychiatric care, medical care, and much more. Our amenities include semi private rooms and bathrooms, contemporary accommodations, AA, NA, CA and more. please visit our drug rehab assessment center in Oklahoma.

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